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十月 24 2013

KERS Teams League

Here it is the best international teams competition of Radikal Darts, the KERS Teams League!


Our main international teams competition, the KERS Teams League, will start next October 24th 2013 and finish on Februrary 13th 2014. Worldwide players will join in this global darts competition!

Last year we introduced the KERS League concept and everybody loved it! So that, after the doubles edition, we introduce the KERS Teams League! The inscription period is already open!

Hurry up! You will be able to enroll from XX until XX, get your spot!

In your machine, this competition is called: VD EQUIPOS G-nºgrupo.

What is a KERS League? How can I get the free KERS games?

A KERS  League is a virtual league. When a player reaches the maximum number of games, gets 5 free KERS games. Those free KERS games can only be won, which means that cannot be bought. However, you can transfer them to a teammate.

When does it start and how does it work?                   

From October 24th 2013 until February 13th 2014. Teams between 4 and 6 players

How can I enroll?

Through your local operator or the owner of your regular premises.

What do I get in this league?

You can qualify for both the On-Line and In-Person Finals! The 1st and 2nd of every group gets an inscription for the Teams Competition, as well as 2 nights in the hotel for the Radikal Darts International Event, on May 2014! (for 4 players, not to be used with other prizes).

¿How can I qualify for the On-Line Final?

The 1st and 2nd qualified teams of every group have a spot on the On-Line Final. The best teams, sorted by their average score, will play face to face, while the rest will be handicapped.

What are the Radikal Points and what are they for?

The Radikal Points are the points of your qualification in the league. The first 4 qualified teams of the Radikal Darts International Event (May 2014) can even duplicate their prize with the Radikal Points! F.ex.: if my team was the 1st of the 1st group, with 200 points, my team has 200 Radikal Points. If in the Radikal Darts International Event (May 2014) my team is the 1st of Level 1, my team wins:

Prize + (Radikal Points/maxim points of the league*Prize won). Which means:

600€ + (200/224*600€)= 600€ + 535,71€= 1.135,71€!

Is there a Second Chance?

The 3rd, 4th, 5th and  6th of every group will play a CTEAM Second Chance, from February 20th until March 6th 2014. Every 8 groups, ranked by their average score, will play a CTEAM Second Chance to get a spot for the On-Line Final.

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Let’s play, Radikals!

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