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一月 10 2012

Radikal Intercontinental Championship 2012

This month, seven nations will be struggeling for the victory in this challenge!

Standards and Rules:

·         Start: Saturday 23/01/2012 at midnight

·         Final: Sunday 11/03/2012 11:59 pm

·         Cricket, 15 laps

·         Best out of 7 results wins

·         The 4 best players of each category are playing the National Online Final

·         4 Categories:

·         1st  Cat. MPR superior to 3

·         2nd Cat. MPR between 2,5 and 3,0

·         3rd Cat. MPR between 2,0 an 2,5

·         4th Cat. MPR less than 2


All players who are going to participate in the Championship but don’t have any Ranking at that time, must play 40 games in the intercontinental Championship to get automatically registered in their category. Every player who reaches a personal MPR higher than 0,6 will be automatically registered to his corresponding category.


-          The National Finals as well as the Intercontinental Finals will be played as an Online Tournament with Rating.

 -          For the national finals:

§  1st and 2nd Category: Saturday 24/03/2012 at 4pm

§  3rd and 4th Category: Saturday 17/03/2012 at 4 pm


-          For the intercontinental finals:

There will be two finals, the winners of the 1st and 2nd Category are going to play in the one with the higher level and the ones of the 3rd and 4th will play in the next level. The first 2 players of every national finals will be classified for the intercontinental finals which will be taking place on Saturday 31/03/2012 (Categories 1-2) and on Saturday 07/04/2012 (Categories 3-4) at 4 pm (Spanish time), at 3 pm in Portugal, at 10 am in USA and at midnight in Japan.

-          This is how the national finals are going to be played:

The winners of the odd-number categories who qualified themselves for the Final will play against the fourth of the inferior category. The second one who got qualified plays against the third one out of the inferior category, the third qualified out of an odd-number category has to compete against the second of the inferior category and fourth qualified has to withstand to the first of the inferior category. In every confrontation win the 3 best results (2 won)


This is how the intercontinental finals are going to be played:

 The confrontations of the first lap are going to take place between two players from different countries. The following confrontations will take place as usual with a normal flowchart, in every confrontation win the 3 best results (2 won)

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